Beau Brumsfeld is not a hero – at least not in his own mind. He does not expext to meet a mysterious stranger who says only that someone wants to meet him, someone who will call him to join a group of travelers in a journey to the far reaches of the Land.

Beau learns that the fate of all the Land is governed by the ringing of a bell – The Bell of Caledon. Whether that fate is prosperity or desolation depends on the character of the ringer. An ancient evil that knows only hate has wakened and is sending his minions to find the Bell and erase the good that has ruled for ages.

So Beau joins this quest, along with a Shaman, the Shaman’s Squire, a theif, a Bard, an Elf, a Troll, and a Healer. They must reach the Bell before the forces of evil. Along the way, he finds frienship, terror, romance, and his own strength.

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